Deeper Reading Within the Text and Alongside Other Texts

Deeper Reading Within the Text and Against Texts Questions 1

Questions to Consider:


  • Through what point of view is this account told: first, second, or third person?
  • What possibilities for participating in the world does this perspective suggest?

Social processes among characters

  • Who are the people or characters in the book?
  • Who is named and who isn’t?
  • Who speaks? Who acts?
  • Examine how power is exercised among the characters: Who dominates, colludes, resists, and takes action for individual and collective benefit?
  • How are the characters in the story discussed?  How do they discuss and describe themselves vs. how do others in the story talk about and describe them? 
  • What roles do the characters take on, try out, or perform (for example, caregiver, worker, teacher) with what they say and do?  

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