Green Is a Chile Pepper: A Book of Colors

About the Book: 

Listen To Stories Come To Life Audio: Green Is A Chile Pepper

Audio storytelling of the book Green Is a Chile Pepper.


About Roseanne

A biography of the author Roseanne Thong from her website.


Author Interview: Roseanne Thong

An interview with author Roseanne Thong.  


John Parra, Artist Biography

A biography of the illustrator John Parra from his website.


Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast >> Seven Questions Over Breakfast with John Parra

An interview with illustrator John Parra.



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La piñata (dale, dale, dale)

The piñata song.

Teaching Activities: 

Colorful Crafting with Green Is a Chile Pepper.

Art activities to go along with Green is a Chile Pepper.


3 Fresh New Ways to Teach About Color - The Art of Ed

An article about how to incorporate color into lesson plans.




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