Immi's Gift

About the Book: 

Sometimes the simplest gifts bring the greatest joy: A story about an Inuit child and her wintry world.


Author’s Blog And The Book


Author’s Website


Author Karin Littlewood on her creative process


The Inuit, An Arctic Journey


The Arctic Regions


Children of the Tundra (RT Documentary)


How To Build An Igloo - A Boy Among Polar Bears - BBC


How to Build an Igloo by Yourself




Inuit - First Peoples of Canada

Food / Hunting / Tools - ‎Environment / Housing - ‎Religion / Ceremonies / Art


The Arctic As A Homeland: Landscape And People


BBC - Human Planet Explorer

Arctic (pictures, video, facts, people and environment, life…and more.


Inuit Wisdom


Arctic Climate Change


Traditional Inuit Games- Athropolis


Inuit or Eskimo: Which name to use?


Inuktitut Our Language | Inuit Cultural Online Resource


Inuktitut (Eskimo/Inuit Language)


Alaska Native Language Relationships and Family Trees

Teaching Activities: 

ABC Ideas For Letter I And Immi’s Gift By Karin Littlewood For Tots


Have Your Kids Write Book Reviews: Immi's Gift


Book And Author Resources Teachingbooks.Net | Immi's Gift




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