Sopa de Frijoles

About the Book

¡Mira Look! Sopa de frijoles, un poema para cocinar / Bean Soup, a Cooking Poem

A review from Vamos a Leer, a blog overseen by the Latin American & Iberian Institute that supports K-12 teaching about Latin America.


PaperTigers: Sopa de frijoles book review

An brief overview and review of the book.


Poetry for Children: Book Links Interview with Jorge Argueta

An interview with the author of Sopa de Frijoles.


Cosas que tal vez no sabía del ilustrador Rafael Yockteng

A blog post about the illustrator, Rafael Yockteng, and his artistic work and process. This post is written in Spanish.

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Black Bean Soup | Sopa de frijoles negros

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Sopa de Frijoles con Carne (Beans and Beef Soup)

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Teaching Activities

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