The Ugly Vegetables

About the Book

The Ugly Vegetables

A review of the book The Ugly Vegetables.


Happy 10th Anniversary to The Ugly Vegetables!

A review of the book from the blog, Jama’s Alphabet Soup.


Interviews with Grace Lin

Links to various interviews with author-illustrator Grace Lin.


Grace Lin: Home

The author-illustrator Grace Lin’s website, with links to her bio, books, activities, and more.



The author-illustrator Grace Lin’s blog.



Articles For Reference

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An article about the importance of communities and neighborhoods.


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Understanding Our Perceptions of Asian Americans

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Chinese Soup Recipes

Links to recipes for various Chinese soups from the blog The Woks of Life.



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An article about the history of Mandarin, as well as its geographical distribution, dialects, and structure.


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Mandarin Flashcards - Food - Vegetables - YouTube

A 2 minute video of food vocabulary in Mandarin.

Teaching Activities

Grace Lin: The Ugly Vegetables

Activities and lesson plans for the author-illustrator’s website.


Second Grade Lesson: The Ugly Vegetables

A grade 2 lesson plan for the book The Ugly Vegetables.


McGraw Hill | Activities

Various speaking, spelling, research, and computer literacy activities.


Whole Kids Resources

Reading tips and activites for the book The Ugly Vegetables.